Smartphones have become an intimate part of our daily lives. Waking up with a morning alarm, using Whatsapp, listening to music, reading the news, watching YouTube videos, checking emails, updating project statuses, ordering our favorite food to saving money, shopping, booking tickets and so on. Everything is seamlessly executed from our mobile devices. Currently, 2.1 Billion people worldwide own a Smartphone.

This is unbelievable, yet true. The use of smartphones and mobile apps is not going to drop in 2017 in any way. With so many technologies being linked to mobile phones through a vast array of applications it becomes vital to know which app is trending. So here is a summarizing collection of the latest trends of 2017 for mobile app development:

AR & VR Will Grab Some Extra Attention:

If you’re aware of modern mobile app development trends, then Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) apps are nothing new to you. In 2016, AR and VR have had record-shattering success in the gaming and entertainment industry.

Due to its recent success, Virtual and Augmented reality has found its rightful place among top-tier platforms in the mobile gaming zone. Think about the recent Pokémon go, it’s a massive hit. The short time span in which it literally achieved near global domination making it one for the record books. Companies like Google, Facebook and IBM are tirelessly trying to recreate the same effect.

Consideration on Mobile App Designing:

UI/UX is and always have been paramount due to the increased modern day norm of a match between an aesthetically appealing interface and a seamlessly functional user-experience. UX is the primary focus in the mobile app development and in 2017 it will be enhanced in a more practical and innovative way. 2017 will witness some astonishing trends such as split-screens, grid-based interface designing, splash screens, visuals, micro interactions and parallax graphics.

IoT Based Mobile Applications Will Remain a Major Trend:

Connecting one device to another and the ability to leverage a network of devices is defines the internet of things (IoT). With the popularity of IoT solutions, IoT is incomplete without the mobile devices. Mobile applications are a vital part of the inevitable success of IoT and live implementation for different business cases. The rapid adoption of cloud-based apps brings us to one of the latest mobile app development trends in 2016. Undermining this powerhouse would be a mistake

Location-Based Services Are Expected to Rise:

Integrated location-based service applications like Apple’s iBeacons and Google Beacon are gaining popularity. Wi-Fi usage will no longer be limited to hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, or in health-care. The usage of applications with Wi-Fi support is going to rise beyond expectations. This advanced technology is expected to rise even higher in 2017.

Application security to be more important:

The security of a smartphone is without a doubt a major concern and has become more crucial than ever. As mobile phones continue to evolve into purses and wallets. Surprisingly, a large number of people still do not take smartphone security as seriously as they should, and this is a huge concern for app developers as well.

Mobile security is a great developer and business owner’s concern these days. Developers have put security in 2017 at the top of their priority list. Therefore, it looks like the companies are going to focus on this issue in the future year, they will come up with new tools and techniques.

Wrapping Up:

When it comes to mobile app development technologies, skilled software developers cannot possibly rely on outdated tools and trends at the development stage. Developers follow current trends are able to embellish good concepts to make them great solutions.

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